Llano Bald Eagle Nest, 2009-2010 Nest Season

With the following photos of March 3 and 4, the posting for the

2009-2010 season ends.


March 4  Both eaglets now flying. 


Mach 4  Is this seat occupied??


March 4  They return to the nest for a visit.


March 4  The adult eagle brings a fish to a limb and one of the eaglets

goes there to eat.


March 4  It is so amazing how quickly they look like pros in flight.


March 4  The other of the two in flight.


March 4  The adult eagle in flight.


March 3  Both eaglets have now fledged.  This is the second eaglet on

its first flight.


March 3  Same eaglet.


March 3  The second eaglet once more in flight.


March 3  Yet another of the second eaglet on its first flight.


March 3  One more of the second eaglet on the day its fledged.


Llano Bald Eaglet flight

March 2  One of the eaglets fledged this morning.


March 2 flight

March 2  Same eaglet that fledged today.


Llano Bald Eagle Nest with Moon

March 2  Moon just over the nest area in the early morning hours.



March 1  As of noon today, neither eaglet had fledged.


March 1  There was moderate practicing flight and wing flapping.



Feb 24  Eaglet takes a limb in its beak as it practices for future flight.


Llano Bald Eagles

Feb 24  It is so hard to get everyone to face the camera in a family photo.


Llano Bald Eagles

Feb 24  Notice the size of the eaglets now, at just over 10 weeks old,

compared to the adult in the nest with them.


Llano Bald Eagles

Feb 24  Adult bald eagle approaches a landing.


Llano Bald Eagles

Feb 24  Adult in flight.


Feb 24  Same adult, just a little farther along the way.


Feb 23  Early, the snow was fairly heavy at the nest today.


Feb 23  There was very little accumulation of snow, even later in the day.


Feb 23  Even with snow, eaglets have to eat; so, here comes a fish.



Feb 22  It was a cloudy cold morning.  The eaglets are now 10 weeks old.


Llano Bald Eagle

Feb 22  Adult bald eagle leaves the nest after bringing in a stick.


Feb 13  It started out as a very, very foggy morning.  This post is solely

for those of you who are following the development of the eaglets who

will be 9 weeks old tomorrow.  Note the pile of limbs and sticks that

are now right in front of the nest and blocks the view of not only the other

eaglet but the adult eagles as well.


Feb 6  The eaglets at the Llano nest are now 8 weeks old.


Feb 6  Both eaglets are seen here.


Feb 6  One of the adult eagles lands on its favorite perch.


Feb 6  Feeding two young is work!


Feb 6  One of the adult eagles leaves the nest.



January 25  The eaglets's feathers are developing more and more.


Jan 25  Notice the feathers on the wing of the one eaglet.


Jan 25  Both adults and both eaglets - if they would have just

raised their heads more!



Jan 25  Adult eagle comes to the nest with a limb.


Jan 25  One of the eaglets between the adult eagles.



Jan 25  Food, I need food!!!



Jan 25  Coming with food.


Jan 25  Landing


Jan 25  Flight


Jan 25  Take-off



Bald Eagle couple in nest

Jan 22  Both adult eagles in the nest.



Jan 22  One adult leaves the nest as the other watches.



Jan 22 One adult arranges a limb brought to the nest.



Jan 22  The eagles made several trips this morning getting grass and limbs

to bring to the nest.



Jan 22  Their flights were lower to the ground as they looked for nest building




Jan 22 Another limb being brought into the nest.



Jan 22 Flight away from the nest.



Jan 22 Still another flight.



Jan 22 One more flight photo. 



Jan 21  The eaglets are really getting their feathers now.  The adult

is feeding them.



Jan 21  One of the adult eagle is bringing grass to the nest area.


Eagle with fish

Jan 21  The male bald eagle brings a fish (slightly torn apart) to the nest.


Eagle with very long limb.

Jan 21  The eagle, in flight,  broke a very long limb from a tree and is

bringing it to the nest.





Jan 18  Now five weeks old, the eaglets's feathers are really beginning to grow.


Jan 18  The squirrel was taking pecans from the tree and got on

eye to eye level with the eaglets.



Jan 18  This osprey fly briefly by the nest today.



Jan 18  Another photo of the same osprey near the bald eagle nest.



Jan 12  Notice the feathers on the wing of this eaglet.


Llano Bald Eagle

Jan 12  Eaglet looks to adult for food, but this time there was none.


Llano Bald Eagle

Jan 12  Adult eagle leaves nest.


Jan 12  One of the adult eagles flew across the highway to a nearby




Jan 12  Another flight shot.  8530



Jan 12  Same flight.  8531



Jan 12  Second flight across  the road to a nearby pasture.





Jan 4  Note the wing and the beginning of the wing feathers on the one

eaglet with its wings up (as the other eaglet looks on).  Now 3 weeks old.



Jan 4  Both eaglets.



Jan 4  The eagles brought a lot of sticks and grass to the nest today

(Maybe getting ready for the cold weather later this week).




Jan 1, 2010 One of the two eaglets is seen here. At almost 3 weeks old,

only the head is visible above the line of the nest.



Jan 1, 2010 Both male and female of this nest.



Jan 1 Taking a break from nest sitting.



Jan 1  The eagle cleans its beak after feeding the eaglets.



Jan 1  In flight.



Dec 28  Just to the right of the head of the adult eagle, two eaglets

are can be seen with their heads up.  Thy are now just over two weeks old.



Dec 28  Here just in front, and to the left of the adult's head, one of the eagles

is visible.



Dec 28  One of the adult eagles joins the other on a broken stump.



Dec 28  Both of the adult eagles on a broken stump of the tree

near the nest.



Dec 28  Adult bald eagle prepares to fly from its perch.



6031 Bald Eagle

Dec 15.  Info only.  It looks like at least one eaglet has hatched.  It will

be about two weeks before it or they are large enough to be visible.


6056 Llano Bald Eagle

Dec 15  One eagle brings a limb to the nest and take its turn sitting

in the nest.



Dec 15  Eagle vocalizes at passing crows.


Dec 4 Eagle

December 4  There were a few snow flakes this

morning, but nothing to accumulate.  Here one of the

eagles had just swapped out of its turn sitting on the egg/s

and is taking off for a break.


Dec 4  The eagle that took its turn on the nest settled down  keeping those

eggs warm in this cold weather.  By 11:00 a.m. the sun was beginning

to come out and the few flakes of snow were basically gone.



Llano Bald Eagle December 2

Dec 2.  The leaves are gone from the tree now and the eagles are

still sitting on eggs.  The predicted snow did not materialize.  The sun

came out briefly in the early morning.



Nov 12  Eagles are still sitting on egg or eggs.


Llano Eagle 7203

Nov 12  Bald Eagle lands on a nearby stump.



Llano Bald Eagle 2399

Nov 9  The eagles' behavior indicates they are now sitting on an egg or eggs.

This is the earliest date in their seven years at this nest eggs have been laid.



Nov 9  One eagle comes to substitute the other to sit on the eggs.  The one

that had been on the eggs leaves the nest and does not return for about

two hours.


Llano Bald Eagle 2287

Nov. 3  Both eagles continue to work on rebuilding the nest and lining it

with grass.


Llano Bald Eagle 2290

Nov 3  One of the eagles takes off in flight from the nest.


Llano Bald Eagle 2312

Nov 3  Eagle in the nest.


Llano Bald Eagle 5453

October 27  One of the Llano eagles in the nest.  They are still adding

sticks to the nest.


Llano Bald Eagle 6451

October 27  Early morning light.


Bald Eagle 1745

The eagles returned to the Llano nesting area a couple of weeks ago. 

Today, October 15 they were both bringing limbs to the nest and beginning

the rebuilding process.


Bald Eagle 1726

#1726 October 15  Male and Female in the nest.


Bald Eagle 1728

#1728 Bald Eagle lifts off in flight from the nest.


Bald Eagle 1741

Bald Eagle 1741 


Bald Eagle 1758

Bald Eagle 1758  Handsome couple of bald eagles.


Bald Eagle 1764

Bald Eagle 1764  One of the adult eagles in flight.


Bald Eagle 1774

Bald Eagle 1774


Bald Eagle 1793

Bald Eagle 1793


Bald Eagle 1800

Bald Eagle 1800


Bald Eagle Nesting Tree 5259

Bald Eagle Nesting Tree 5259  Those of you who are familiar with this area

will note that the Cottonwood Tree, just in front of the Pecan Tree where the nest

is located, has lost some of the old rotten limbs from the previous year.